November 23, 2019

Compost Education

Cassandra and I went to a composting and vermicomposting class at Martial Cottle Park. The park is 287 acres, and is about 7km from our house and is really beautiful. It was gifted in 2003 by Walter Cottle Lester to the State and County for development of a public park that informs and educates the public about the agricultural heritage of the Santa Clara Valley. Read more

November 18, 2019

So long Pelican, hello Hugo

My bro Brem recently updated his website to use Hugo. I’ve been meaning to resurrect my defunct Pelican blog for a while, but after putzing around with Pelican for a while I still hadn’t made it happen. Read more

September 9, 2013

LaTeX workflow

In the last several years, the common workflow for using LaTeX has changed since I first learned it. In particular, bibtex has been to a large degree superseded by biblatex-biber. Additionally, while I used to use pdftex to build pdfs, it doesn’t support unicode. Read more

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